We Help Health Professionals Adapt To The Latest Tech So They Can Get Paid What They Deserve

Get A Booked Calendar In Days

Within 14 days of working with us our lead generation strategies will be ramped up and scheduling appointments with qualified prospects for your health services.

We do this by leveraging “The Traffic Trio”

Help More People & Get Paid What You Deserve

Healthcare Practices Meet Tech

You already have the skills to improve your client’s health. Now, you just need to know how to predictably get more clients that you can help.

Most health professionals cringe at the word "Technology", but they know that on the other side of that fear is success. The latest advancements in software & digital marketing have created an opportunity of a lifetime to those who are willing and ready to adapt.

Help More People & Get Paid What You Deserve

Make Your Health Service Scalable By "Productizing Your Knowledge"

Once your calendar is booked with 1-on-1 sessions, you'll reach max capacity and be unable to help more people.

For this reason, we help our clients productize their knowledge.

This is where you take what you know and turn it into an online course that people can consume when they're not with you 1-on-1.

Help More People & Get Paid What You Deserve

Convert High-Ticket Care Plans ($1k-$10k) With Ease & Without Being "Salesy"

Most health professionals think all they need is more appointments with qualified leads. For some, this is true. But, we found that most need help converting those leads into care plans as well.

Our most successful clients understand the art of ethical sales. They get the exact frameworks and scripts that allow them to convert prospects into high-ticket care plans without being salesy.

Help More People & Get Paid What You Deserve

Proven Results With A Wide Range Of Health & Wellness Services

Judith & Bill

“If I could describe them in one word I would say phenomenal.”

Health Service: Neurofeedback, Hypnotherapy, and Counseling

Scaled to $200k+ in monthly revenue.

Opened brand new 4200 sq foot health center in NY.

Dr. Murphy

“By far the best marketing I have ever done... The quality of patients that I'm getting is outstanding... I am getting well over 20 to 1 return on my investments... His program works... It is insane how easy it is... You are a moron if you don't do this... all kidding behind this is by far the best marketing I've ever done... I'm doing this because it saved my butt."

Health Services: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Functional medicine, PEMF, Laser, Decompression

$30k+ in first 45 days

Over 30 to 1 immediate return on investment. First $3k spent turned into $100k.

System that will bring him $250k-500k+ per year in new revenue.

Dr. Mike

“What I loved about Tyler's training is that he shows you how to easily understand the metrics so that you can successfully scale. The sales training alone is worth the price of what you pay for Tyler. I spent thousands of dollars on these other digital marketing companies and coaching and trainings. Just the sales training alone helped me completely change how I interacted with new consults. I upped my conversion rate big time. "

Health Services: Naturopathic Medicine & Biofeedback

Getting qualified leads every day for biofeedback and naturopathic medicine

Learned how to sell $3-5k care plans without being "salesy"


“It was an $1100 payout in less than 11 hours... It's been just a little over 30 days. We're already at over $8,000 in new revenue. I'm spending less money than I was on old advertising methods and making 10 times more money."

Health Services: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Thermography

Over $8000 in new revenue in first month & a predictable system that will bring in over $100k in new profit every year.

First $1100 payout in less than 11 hours

Dr. Scott

“We were able to get a lot of people well… Our return on investment was amazing, like 9 times what we paid… Having done a lot of advertising over the years, everything from full page ads in newspapers, to live TV shows once a week, to radio, I could tell you that this is an amazing cost effective way to get a lot of people in your office, to get them helped."

Health Services: Deep Tissue Robotic Laser & Neurofeedback

Made $27k in profit on his first $3k investment

Added over 6-figures of annual revenue to his laser business

Dr. Yadira and Vladimir

“At the end we are spending less money on ads, avoiding marketing fees and getting better results…”

Health Services: Regenerative Medicine

Went from $12k per month to $40k per month in revenue.

Opened brand new location


“I always grew my business by getting out in the community and networking, but it takes a lot of time. I tried a couple ads on my own not knowing what I was doing and it didn’t work. My average was 1 or 2 QEEGs per month. Now that I've met you, I’m getting phone calls every day. Huge difference. "

Health Services: Neurofeedback

Scaled from 1 location to 6

No longer has to do in-person networking groups


“We have tried every type of marketing platform that is out is out in the marketplace and have found that Tyler is outstanding and one of the best investments we've made for our marketing. It's a great experience, we've already built our base of clientele. The people that are coming in want to invest in their health and wellness. I would highly recommend the software and the investment. It was an immediate response and return on investment."

Health Services: Functional Medicine Practice, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, IV Therapy, Cryotherapy, Massage Therapy

Added $10k+ in new monthly profit after only 30 days of working with us.

Built a machine that consistently gets $3-4 qualified leads for his services.

Dr. Doug

“I can't even spell Facebook. In fact I break out in a rash when I even hear the term social media. Tyler and his crew are very easy to work with, they're available and they stand by their product 100%. My office is attracting 50 new leads per month. I'm converting about 1 per week that will net me $2500 each. These are additional cases, cases I wouldn't have seen ordinarily."

Health Service: Chiropractic & Neurofeedback

$2500 a week in new profit after just 30 days of working together

First $1100 payout in less than 11 hours

Help More People & Get Paid What You Deserve

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