Scale Up Your Service-Based Health Business

And Have Fun While Doing It

A complete business growth strategy for groundbreaking health professionals.

"How to get clients to go from needing your health services and not knowing it, to being absolutely convinced that it's what they want and fully investing into it."

We walk you through the entire process in this detailed 35-minute training (no opt-in required).

There are 6 main bottlenecks that could be holding you back from achieving the growth you're looking for...

The Groundbreakers Blueprint has been able to solve each of these bottlenecks and create a way to get you new clients on demand.

Proven Results With Many Different Health Services

The health professionals we've helped offer services like...

Functional Medicine, Biofeedback/Neurofeedback, IV Therapy, Regenerative Medicine, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Robotic Laser, Physical Therapy, Naturopathic Medicine, Chiropractic Care, Hormone Therapy, Sensory Deprivation, Cryotherapy, Hypnotherapy and more.

“What I loved about Tyler's training is that he shows you how to track the analytics, how to easily understand the metrics so that you can successfully scale. And also the sales training, The sales training alone is worth the price of what you pay for Tyler. I spent thousands of dollars on these other digital marketing companies and coaching and trainings. Just the sales training alone helped me completely change how I interacted with new consults. I upped my conversion rate big time. The software that Tyler uses is a one stop shop for automation."

-Dr. Mike

“We were able to get a lot of people well… Our return on investment was amazing, like 9 times what we paid… Having done a lot of advertising over the years, everything from full page ads in newspapers, to live TV shows once a week, to radio, I could tell you that this is an amazing cost effective way to get a lot of people in your office, to get them helped.”

-Dr. White

“It was an $1100 payout in less than 11 hours... It's been just a little over 30 days. We're already at over $8,000 in new revenue. I was worried when I paid that fee, I was thinking Oh gosh I'm gonna have to work on doing these services for a couple months to pay that fee, but it happened way before even 15 days. I'm spending less money than I was on old advertising methods and making 10 times more money."

-Sherri Hudson

“At the end we are spending less money on ads, avoiding their fee and getting better results…”

Went from spending $2800 a month on a marketing company, to having the skills installed in their practice and being able to spend $600 on ads and get better results.

This skill has taken them from $12k per month to $40k per month and has allowed them to expand into new services

-Dr. Yadira and Vladimir

“My business... I always grew it just by getting out in the community and networking and being a part of chapters with other business owners. It takes a lot of time. It does get referrals and thats how I built my business up until I met you… I tried a couple ads on my own not knowing what I was doing and it didn’t work. My average was 1 or 2 QEEGs per month. Now that I've met you and put some advertising in place I’m getting phone calls every day and people coming in for appointments. Huge difference. Where I’ve even had to bring on an assistant to help me follow up with the leads."


“We are a functional medicine practice that offers hyperbaric oxygen therapy, nutritional IVs, orthopedic massage, targeted hyperbarics, PEMF and will soon have Cryotherapy. We have tried every type of marketing platform that is out is out in the marketplace and have found that Groundbreakers Marketing software and Tyler is outstanding and probably one of the best investments we've made for our marketing. It's a great experience, we've already built our base of clientele. The people that are coming in want to invest in their health and wellness. I would highly recommend the software and the investment. It was an immediate response and return on investment."


“If I could describe them in one word I would say phenomenal.”

-Judith RN, MSN

“I really liked it because it feels very alone starting a business and I feel like you and my tax person have been on this team with me… My business became a lot clearer and easier to figure out the path to go on.”


“We have more than doubled the leads in our clubs… They come prepared with real statistics and results… I’m truly happy to be working with Groundbreakers.”

-Mike CEO of Energy Fitness

"I met Tyler about a year ago and he started helping me and coaching me to get new leads and new clients. I get more leads than I can even handle. I've ended up expanding the company."


“This is the secret sauce…

Your system is so user friendly! Love it!”

-Dr. Seberger

“I can't even spell Facebook. In fact I break out in a rash when I even hear the term social media. There are 3 things that convinced me that I made the right decision. The training was impeccable. The software was very comprehensive. The support is outstanding. Tyler and his crew are very easy to work with, they're available and they stand by their product 100%. My office is attracting 50 new leads per month. I'm converting about 1 per week that will net me $2500 each. These are additional cases, cases I wouldn't have seen ordinarily or found through word of mouth."

-Dr. Meints

“Just want to give a shoutout to Tyler and his amazing group of people over there at Groundbreaker’s Marketing. Didn’t know what to expect, they look so young, but they’re very skilled and knowledgable and I actually had a really nice ROI on my campaign.”

Marcy RN, CRNI

“I just want to give a quick testimonial for Tyler’s consulting program. Tyler’s knowledge and experience with online lead gen has really helped us take our business to the next level and his methods make the process so simple. We are extremely grateful for Tyler and the Groundbreakers team and look forward to working with them again in the future."


“Tyler has helped my business grow. My business has grown bigger than it's ever been. I'm generating more leads than we've ever had. His customer service is exceptional. He's always there if I have a question."


“I'm super satisfied so I had to make this video for you guys. You need to give Tyler at Groundbreakers Marketing a call. Made me feel comfortable giving him money to bring more money back to my company and make his service worth it's while. I appreciate you Tyler, thank you so much. I hope you guys give him a shot. "


"How to get clients to go from needing your health services and not knowing it, to being absolutely convinced that it's what they want and fully investing into it."

We walk you through the entire process in this detailed 30-minute training (no opt-in required).

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